Replacement Filters

Spare Parts for Water Filters

We do offer prepaid postage for all orders over $70 in total value.

Here you will find special offers for small quantity orders. If you wish to create a special order that is not listed as a bundle, please email us and we will generate a specific invoice to cover your orders. NOTE: You can use any valid credit card to purchase via our PayPal portal.

Item DescriptionOrder CodeSingle Item PricePostage  Paid offer PricePayPal Order Cart
10″ 1 Micron Sediment
Filter Cartridge
SED-10$12.00$50 set of 4
10″  1 Micron Carbon
Filter Cartridge
CR-1-10$30.00$85.00 Set of 4 
10 ” Ceramix HD
Ceramic / Carbon
CER-10-0002$60.00$110.00 Set of 2 
Two Each  SED-10
and  CR-1-10
Twin Pack1 $75.00 set 4 
One Each Sed-10
and CER-10-0002
Double Pack3 $75.00 set 2